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Sirens story

The first taste of success

Success didn’t come easy. Theirs was a journey from making music in their bedroom, to selling their cars for train fares, to trading songs for studio time. After years of dedication Sirens first demos were born. Guided by the illustrious Dave Ambrose (known for signing The Sex Pistols, Pet Shop Boys etc) Sirens took the unusual pop step for an all girl-act of signing to the bespoke Newcastle indie label Kitchenware, home of such acts as Prefab Sprout, Lighthouse Family, Editors and Jake Bugg. Unusual for an all-girl urban pop band? Not when they’re this independent of spirit!

The bigtime 

The formula of Sirens success stems back to their first single release, a radical club re- imagining of the N*E*R*D banger Things Are Getting Better, which Sirens watched simmer away as a first club chart record in the UK.

In Japan, however, it turned them into bona fide stars where the track was a big hit supported by several promo trips and live shows. The debut album Control Freaks became a Japanese top 20 album.

The word spread over the rest of the Far East. Sirens became bankable stars, ambassadors for the indigenous music scene that had not yet taken them to heart. This created some confusion back home in Newcastle where life remained normal in comparison.

As Japan led, so America followed.

Their second album, recorded in L.A. took them to the next stage musically where they honed a hip hop/pop fusion and perfected their ‘Hip Pop’ sound.

Their song Easy was used as a sound-bed for MTV hit and The Hills forerunner Laguna Beach, Adam DiVello’s Californian reality monster. The success of Easy gave Sirens the leverage to take the States with their second album Say Goodbye To La La Land. A 4-to-the-floor remix of the breakthrough track, Club La La became a huge US hit on airwaves and dancefloors alike and America provided a Billboard Top 10. It then got attention back home on Radio1.

Sirens – Club La La from Chris Adelaide on Vimeo.

Sirens next phase

saw the girls recording in New York and Copenhagen. The resulting album: 3: Opium Apathy enhanced their hip pop with electro dance developing both musically and stylistically. Rocking a look inspired by the Gotham City Sirens – somewhere between superhero fierce, sci-fi scintillating and super-charged sexy, 3 :Opium Apathy features top 5 club tracks Don’t Let Go, Stilettos, Sirens reworking of Kelis’ Bossy and Midfield general’s Disco Sirens. Don’t Let Go and Stilettos both scored hits in the U.S. and Italy. The Club Asylum mix of Good Enough has been a huge UK Garage hit and features on the best of 2011 compilations. 2012 sees Sirens sticking to their urban roots with another UK Garage track Get Me Home (Artful Dodger) which is already set to be the sound of the summer with support from BBCRadio1Xtr, Kiss, Kiss TV to name but a few.

All albums are available worldwide on iTunes, Spotify and all great surviving record stores.

Sirens – Stilettos from Chris Adelaide on Vimeo.