Your legs aren’t just for dancing…

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Just when we thought they were completely wiped out after class, a group of 4.15ers only went and did the Bupa Junior Great North Run! They said they jogged round the traditional way, but we’re sure we saw a pirouette or two; they just can’t help themselves! Great work, gang – we don’t know where you get your energy from but it’s awesome! And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we were super-stoked to be involved in the opening ceremony too.  Featuring a whole load of 4.15 dancers and choreographed by Official Friend to Famous, Anthony Lo-Guidice, it was an epic, televised performance to mark the millionth race runner.  Well done everyone – it was a blast. See you at the start line next year!

*some great photography at Alison Spedding’s website. Worth checking out!

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Famous4.15 Great North Run Opening Ceremony

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