Not just for Xmas

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28 Feb 2014 — No Comments

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Well, Xmas may be over for another year but we’re still basking in the glow of all the fun we had over the festive season.

With no small thanks, I’m sure, to our brilliant local business open-day we feel we really made our mark on the local area this year…and what better way to represent than to have our crew feature in the Jesmond Local calendar. If you missed our big cheesy grins in the run-up to mince pie season, here they are again:

Famous Festivities

Don’t worry though, we found enough time in between posing in Santa jumpers to deck the halls with boughs of holly, or rather, deck the Michael Jackson frames with bits of tinsel.

In fairness, with the exception of BahHumbug Linda, we do love a bit of festive sparkle here at Famous…but, in the cold light of January, we admit we maaaaay have gone a bit OTT.

Apologies to all those who stood still too long in the week before Xmas and suddenly found themselves festooned in crackers with a star atop their Famous hoodie. The rumours that our electric blue outdoor lights could be seen from space have not yet been confirmed.

Christmas lights

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