Josh is in Grease…did we say?

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24 Nov 2014 — No Comments

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Grease, musical theatre, Danny Zuko, Theatre Royal Newcastle, sing, dance. act

OK, so we know we’ve said it more than a few times but, come on, how can we be cool when JOSH IS PLAYING DANNY ZUKO IN GREASE! Obviously, we had our calendar marked from what feels like forever ago (“103 more sleeps…102 more sleeps….”) but when the day finally arrived, it exceeded all expectation. Josh, you were phenomenal. If we weren’t, you know, too cool to go getting all emotional and stuff, we’d definitely have been welling up. You deserve all your success and we couldn’t be more proud. Get used to being in the limelight, dude; we’ve got a feeling this is only the start.

Grease, Theatre Royal Newcastle, Sing, dance, act, Danny Zuko

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