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10 Dec 2014 — No Comments

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There’s probably not one among you who hasn’t come across the lovely Kirsty during your time at Famous. She’s (almost)18 now, but having been at 4.15 since the teeny tiny age of 7, she’s practically part of the furniture. And not content with taking class week in, week out, for the last 11 years, she’s recently been helping out behind the scenes too. In preparation for her big move to university next year, she’s been doing some work experience with us for a couple of terms, and the extra pair of hands has certainly come in useful. Having grown up with Famous, she’s got a pretty good insight into how we do things, so it’s been fantastic to have her shadowing classes and helping out with the day-to-day running of the place. She’s been dedicated, mature, professional and a real pleasure to have around – thanks, Kirsty. We’re sure you’ll ace those exams and, while we’ll be sad to see you go, will look forward to watching you shine bright in the next stage of your performing arts career.

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