B-girls in the houuuuuse!

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10 Mar 2016 — No Comments

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OK, so the boys are tearing it up in our Monday breakin’ class (BIG UP 4.15 crew!). Now though, we’re putting the shout out to all the wannabe B-girls out there. 4.15 lasses, we need you to come down and represent!! Seriously, everyone’s welcome – doesn’t matter whether you just bought your first hi-tops or you’ve been headspinning for years!  Guaranteed fun (or we’ll eat our snapbacks)! Soner Dogan takes the class – in between appearing on Britain’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance – so you’re in safe hands! If you’re over seven and ready to bust some moves, holla at us! Mondays at 5pm. You know where.

Boys, Girls, Breakin', Dance

Boys and Girls Breakin’!


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