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Trinity College London Musical Theatre Examinations
*We are delighted that we have had 100% pass rate for all students

What are they?
Trinity College London Musical Theatre exams are designed to provide a fun and informative way of learning about the musical theatre genre. Exams are split into three parts, singing, dancing and  drama, with a clear progression in the skills as you move up the grades. 

What we offer:  A bespoke musical theatre based course to be exam ready over 10 weeks. Students will be part of small groups and have enough 1-2-1 contact time with the teacher in each discipline in order to get the most out of each session. The session will be spilt into 45 minutes of each discipline. We will select your entry level grade and all appropriate material will be provided. 

Material:  There is a wide range of source material and all students will be given pieces that will reflect their skills and abilities.There is also the opportunity to gain UCAS points if you progress to Grade 6 and beyond, with further opportunities for personal development such as performers certificates and diplomas in teaching and performance. 

When:  The course runs once per year, over 10 working sessions with a number of break/rehearsal weeks during that period. Examination will be on or as near to the 10th session. The course currently runs on Mondays. 

Time: 5.30pm – 7.45pm.The session will run for 2.15 hours. 

Cost:  £225.00. Payment in full in advance of the course. The examination will be priced separately depending on what grade you are entering at:  Solo Grade 1 is £37.00 progressing to Solo Grade 8 £86.00. 

Dates: currently on hold due to Covid-19.  

Please note:
There are only SIX places per group.                                                                                                                                                  Places will be given on a first come first served basis and must be reserved by payment before the specified deadline date.                       This course is only for children who would like to pursue the examination route. It will in no way be related to or have any impact on the material you are taught in your regular Famous 4.15 programme.                                                                                                Students who have already completed the course will get first refusal of places. Classes and examination will be held at Gosforth Civic Theatre – Performance Venue. Exam date and times tbc at the later end of each course. 


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