Our Principal & Creative Director

Katherine, founder and principal

Miss K. 

Despite art school, law school, as well as a successful modelling career, Katherine always knew she was a creative at heart.

  • Since 2001 – in addition to running Famous 4.15 – she is a successful recording artist.
  • Signed to Kitchenware Records and working with Sony, JVC and NYC’s Nervous Records she’s released three albums to date with the band Sirens.
  • Performed worldwide – including on MTV, Kiss and The Box to name but a few – and worked with industry legends.
  • Sirens have had hit singles in the UK, European and U.S. Charts, a Top 5 US Billboard hit, Number #1 single in the USA on Sirius XM and two Top 20 albums in Japan.
  • Not content with being in front of the camera, she represents children in theatre & TV though agency Famous 4.15 Represents, is creative director at Soul Kitchen Music – independent record label and works as a creative consultant for various artists in the music industry and was co-founder of Hit the North Music Festival. With even more things ahead in 2021 we just don’t know how she finds the time!

“I was never going to have a traditional performing arts career. Growing up in Newcastle, ballet classes provided the only real, affordable opportunity I had for formal learning but, as a tomboy, toe-pointing and being gracefulness didn’t come easily and wasn’t my flavour. I’d rather have been moonwalking than perfecting my pirouette! I loved to dance nonetheless, so stuck with it after finding my commercial feet and music was my saviour always. In fact, it was this urge to do things differently that ultimately led me to set up Famous. Performance for me is about breaking boundaries, having freedom of expression rather than conforming and all of the exciting things that come from that. 

Heeding my mum’s advice to get a ‘good education to fall back on’, I studied. But nothing gave me the buzz of creating a performance and so I stepped off the academic path and decided to pursue a career in music. Turns out all the years of hard work and dedication paid off. I’ve now got over a decade as a successful recording artist in the bank which, I hope, really allows me to make the work I do at Famous relevant, exciting and real! 

My route into the industry has been somewhat unorthodox and it’s this that led to the inception of Famous 4.15: I want to be able to demonstrate that there’s room to do things in your own unique way and be true to you.”

In conversation with Katherine..

In conversation with Katherine…

 It’s fair to say, she’s earned her stripes!